The Lillies is an indie rock band from Hesperia, California. The sound of the band combines a tasteful mixture of elements based on different genres; a conglomeration of reggae, blues, rock en espanol, and classic/alternative rock with a veil of new wave to tie it all up together.

    Formed in 2008 by Robert (Vox) and Matthew (Guitar), the two took a road trip through Texas and to New Orleans, Florida to gather musical inspiration from the cultural scenes of both states. Using a tape recorder to capture musical ideas; The Lillies was thus born as the two original members decided to start the band and incorporate the various sounds of these genres that they observed and melded into their own creation.    

    The Lillies has performed over 500 shows across the western coast of the U.S. Including California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. 

    In 2012, the band was winner of the “Inland Empire's Best Performing Artist” by I.E. Trax. This event opened up several opportunities for sharing the stage with established bands. The Lillies has shared the stage with major acts such as A Flock of Seagulls, Foghat, Dishwalla, Lee Rocker, and Blue Oyster Cult.